Our Mission

We are a management consulting company specializing in IT implementation and advisory services.

We advise and support small to medium size businesses that are transitioning to e-commerce from their traditional business practices.

We work with our customers to implement, improve and optimize their IT infrastructure, organization, supply chain, strategy, marketing, sales, business processes, customer relationship management systems along with project management practices.

Your company may be decades old but your e-commerce business will always be young. Businesses change, e-commerce changes faster.  Your e-commerce business will constantly need all the support and nurturing to thrive. – Kaan Soran, Founder and CEO, Soran Inc.

Achieving success in e-commerce takes efforts and time. Working with a partner that has the experience will make it easier, faster and it will increase the odds of success.

It is never too late to make the leap, it is never too late to catch up.

We are here to help you thrive.